planning weddings + events since ’96

I’ve been planning parties since I was 15 years old.  I worked at McDonald’s as a cashier in Jackson, MS and I was also the Birthday Party Planner for that location.  I think back to that time and how much I enjoyed planning parties for all those families.  Wow!  That was so long ago but it seems like yesterday.  I continued to plan parties and events for my family and friends throughout my high school and college days.


The real challenge came when I was engaged and chose to plan my wedding! I needed to save money so I asked friends and family members to assist in the planning process. Especially the “day of” duties since I would be busy getting married.  This was very cost effective because I had big wedding day dreams and my budget didn’t match it, so this was perfect.  I had everything planned, organized and together until one person, didn’t do what they committed to doing. The ripple began!  How dare they not do what they told me they would do?  Long story short, my wedding started late.  Very late!  I had 200+ people waiting for me to arrive at the church, which was  so embarrassing and humiliating. But they waited and so did my husband to be!


Almost 30 years later, I’ve received my wedding and event planning certifications, planned numerous weddings with budgets ranging from $5000-$250,000 and I’m still married to the man that chose to wait for me.  My passion for wedding/event planning has lived within me since I was very young.  But my drive and determination comes from my personal wedding day experience.  I’m passionate about doing it right. I’m passionate about my clients enjoying their special day. I’m passionate about every guest enjoying the experience created.


Every bride deserves to have the day of her dreams. Let us work with you to fulfill your wedding day vision.


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